RGB LED’s and colour sensing – Free preview!



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    Hi Mr.Ian
    In module 2 are we going to build a line following robot? I got the second course and just wondering.

    thanks Jacob

    • Ian Juby

      Meesta Jacob!
      Your mobile robot can be turned into a line-following robot, though you’ll have to get creative with your knowledge of analog electronics because there’s not enough parts in the digital kit. We’ll use the infrared emitter/sensor to do “proximity sensing” which is similar, but to do line following, you’d need two detectors – one for each side of the line. So you could do it with your CDS cell for example, or use two LED’s as photosensors like we did in the analog module. The projects and lessons on reading analog inputs (which is what you’ll need) are coming up shortly, so you’ll see how to read those sensors there.

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    Hi Mr. Ian
    Just wondering about the the two microchips at 3:30? Are they apart of the circuit? they are on the right.

    Thanks Jacob (-;

    • Lightningie

      Hi Jacob!

      I believe they are the 555 timers we use in the lesson “Muscle sensing differential & instrumentation amplifiers”, and not part of this circuit.

      Hope that helps!

    • Ian Juby

      Lightningie is correct – they have nothing to do with it. I actually tend to store my chips on the breadboard. It protects the pins and stuff. 🙂