Digital Electronics: Whatcha gonna need for this course


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    It would be nice if those robot smart kits had .stl files so one could 3d-print out the chassis and whatever else you might need. Maybe in the future you could keep in mind that many of us have our own 3d-printers. Just saying.

    • Ian Juby

      That’s a good point. The one kit I have I actually buy wholesale from someone else, but it probably wouldn’t be hard to make or find the STL files that I could include. That one was laser cut from acrylic, not printed though. I’ll see what I can do for this digital course. I plan to have other robot models which I’m designing, so I could include the STL files for those, but at least some of those would be laser printed too. Not sure how the material strength would transfer over to printed materials.
      Thanks for the input!

    • flowduino

      2mm thick walls using PLA filament is surprisingly strong. I’m always amazed at the strength and durability of the objects that I print out from my .1mm resolution 3d-printer. I go by ElectronicWizard on youtube and I have been listening/watching you for many years now and I’m glad to see that you are doing these courses. I’ve already learned alot from your H-BRIDGE tutorial and that’s comming from someone who has worked in the servo industry for many years as an electrical engineer. Just thought you would like to know….PEACE

      • Ian Juby

        agreed – and that honeycomb stuff is amazing! I’ll add some stuff as I can. I’ve been working ridiculous hours trying to get the digital course done and it’s going painfully slow. But that’s a very good point about making STL files available – especially in light of the fact that one of the goals is to build a 3D printer. You work in the servo industry? coool!