Manually driving LCD display – Free Preview!

In this lesson, we learn how to communicate and control the Hitachi LCD displays.


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    I started soldering connections onto the LCD display I received in my kit. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes, crossing over 3 connections with lots of solder, burning off other connections without any solder actually being applied, and turning other connections black… I have watched the first module video “Soldering 101”, and have tried following your instructions. I was however wondering if you had any other advice for a beginner, and if you could help me find a solution to help me fix my mistakes, as I cannot continue with the course until I solder the connections onto the LCD display…

    Thank you for all the help you have provided me! I am very happy with the course!


    • Ian Juby

      Doh! Ya, that happens. Believe it or not, to prevent overheating, the higher the power the soldering iron, the better. The reason is, you get in fast, heat everything up fast and get it soldered fast, and then the heat dissipates into the surrounding area, cooling off the joint quickly.
      crossed over solder connections: It happens all the time. Clean your soldering iron tip and try to run it in between the traces, melting the solder in between and acting sort of like a “snow plow” through the solder. Another thing is to remove the solder in between by heating up in between and solder sucking it. You might get some of the solder on the actual solder joint, but no big deal.

      Burnt off connections: can you scrape the paint off the traces and get solder on to them? I looked at the LCD, and unfortunately trying to find another spot you can solder to can be impossible, depending on the connection. The trace itself might be your only option. If you do that, I’d suggest glueing the wire to the board as well after you successfully solder it to the trace. Just a dab of hot glue would make a huge difference.

      If all else fails, let me know and I’ll see about getting another board to you.


    • Lightningie


      Thank you for your help! I was able to get the display to function as it should!
      Along with fixing the previous soldering, I found out one of the resistors in the circuit was the wrong value…. I hadn’t read the multiplier band on the resistor correctly, which messed up the circuit! I put in the correct one, and it works very well now!