3 Kits for Robotics: Learn by building courses



With much regret, I can only offer shipping to NORTH AMERICAN ADDRESSES ONLY. Global shipping costs have gone up three fold and has become a horribly unreliable train wreck in the past two years and we’ve had too many packages just go missing. I’m sorry to disappoint, but any orders to addresses outside of the United States and Canada will be cancelled.

This is the bundle package of all the kits for the first three courses in the “Robotics: Learn by building” series of online courses. The bundle includes the Electricity & Electronics kit, the Digital Electronics kit and the Robotic Drives & Physics kit.

Save on cost by bundling the kits together.

Separately, they’d be $340 US but you can get all three kits for a measely $300US with FREE shipping.


The Electricity and Electronics kit and the Digital Electronics kit ship from continental U.S. Please allow two weeks turn-around time.

The Robotic Drives & Physics kit is hand crafted exclusively through the Tech Valley Science Centre, and ships from Canada. Please allow three week’s turn around time.


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