Robotics, Learn by building, module III: Physics, Robotic drive systems and construction

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physics and robotic drives coming soon

Robotics, learn by building, module III:  Physics, Robotic Drive Systems and Construction

In this course module we’ll cover Physical theory and tie it in with Robotic drive systems. Robotic drive systems really are a subset of physics, but we cover it all heading toward the goal of constructing robots from scratch. You’ll learn everything from levers to gears, belts and pulleys, and lesser known subjects like the fascinating harmonic drive and toggles – all very important to consider in how to build your robot.  Physics also plays a major roll in the overall design of whatever kind of robot you want to build: be it a mobile track machine, an industrial arm robot, an android, etc…  Strength of materials and how to use them is important, lest your robot promptly break in two before it even gets off the workbench! Your instructor, Ian Juby, will share a lot from his personal experience in designing and constructing submarine robots which are surprisingly complicated.  The submarine robot will act as a case study for understanding all of the physics you just learned and directly applying them to whatever design you have in mind. In Part IV, you’ll put all of this directly into action in learning how to prototype robots and building a 3D printer.

1 review for Robotics, Learn by building, module III: Physics, Robotic drive systems and construction

  1. de_re_metallica

    cant wait any idea of the release date for 3 and 4?

    • Ian Juby

      Hi! As a matter of fact, I’m working hard on course 3 over the next several weeks, hope to have it available by the end of October!

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