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Bundle package: Robotics: Learn by building module 1: Electricity & Electronics with the Analog electronics kit!

by Ian Juby


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Bundle package: Robotics: Learn by Building

Part 1: Electricity and Electronics online course

with the companion Analog Electronics Kit – Pre-sale special price!



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With apologies, I will not be selling kits or parts until at least January or February due to my job and the Canada Post service disruptions. Hopefully we’ll be distributing kits from the United States shortly, possibly having that in place by late December. In the interim: you can download the parts list with links to suggested sources for all of the parts you’ll need for this course by clicking here.

Just $114 + $20 S&H!

Attention homeschoolers:  I’ve been asked about package deals with multiple electronics kits.  If you intend to run the course with multiple children and want multiple kits, please go ahead and buy the first bundle package and then contact the instructor, ianjuby@ianjuby.org for further instructions on getting more kits at a discount.  Thanks!

In this module 1 course, you will build electronic circuits, actually make some electronic components from scratch, learn about electricity, soldering skills, and basic analog electronics.  You’ll need some basic math skills and that’s it! No prior knowledge of electricity or electronics is required, and yet by the end of this course you’ll have built functioning electronic circuits like light flashers, sound effects, and controlling the roboticist’s best friend, the servo motor which is a motor that turns to a specific direction at your command.  All courses have open captions for the hearing impaired.

If you already have electronics parts and a breadboard, you can buy just the course itself:

Robotics Course Part 1

Robotics Course, module 1

This course is the prerequisite for the module II course which is digital electronics where you will work with a computer-on-a-chip and hook that computer up to the real world.  In module III you’ll learn crucial physics and robotic drive systems (really a subset of physics), as well as the construction methods for building, say, a submarine robot.  In module IV, you’ll venture into prototyping and culminate all you’ve learned as you build a 3D printer from scratch, hook it up to a desktop computer and make your own plastic parts.  The 3D printer is, in effect, a robot which you can then use to make parts for your other robot designs. The 3D printer also uses a computer controlled rack so you could also potentially use it as a laser cutter or a milling machine and make parts out of other materials like metal.

Included Analog electronics kit:

All the electronics parts you need for the Robotics Course, module 1: Electricity and Electronics.  The kit includes all the parts needed for all of the electronics projects covered in the course and includes: Resistors, capacitors, diodes, LED’s, transistors, a photosensor, voltage regulator, microchips including an op amp, audio amp and timer, pushbuttons, a relay, DC motor, a speaker, jumper wires and breadboard, battery holders, a servo motor, alligator clips, and one of Ian’s custom designed protoboards for soldering your circuit into a more permanent circuit!  You can also order more of Ian’s protoboards here on Jet Pack Academy.

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: I have experienced a lot of bad experiences with shipping, including some people not receiving their kits for 2-1/2 months after I mailed it.  I have no explanation for this.  None of us wants to pay $70 shipping, which is what it will cost because it’s the next level up for small packet mailing.  So all I can say is please be patient. The small packet shipping does not come with a tracking number. To have a tracking number is a $65 cost.  I don’t like any of this, but this is what I have to work with I’m afraid.



You only need to buy the course once for all of your children to enjoy. However, some of the parts in the electronic parts kit do get consumed during the course, and typically some parts get ruined.  Depending on what the first student does with the parts and what they build, you might consider purchasing a separate Analog electronics kit for each child, or just extra protoboards as one focus of the course is how to recycle electronics to obtain your own parts for cheap or free.  Extras are available on the Products page.


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