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The prerequisite for this course is the Part 1: Electricity and Electronics, or a very good handle on analog electronics and electricity.  In this course you will learn digital electronics by building digital electronic circuits. You will then build a mini computer on your breadboard using a microcontroller, effectively a computer on a chip. You’ll program the microcontroller in machine code and learn the basics of computer control and hooking up a computer to the real world.  You’ll work up to using an Arduino system which is a microcontroller with open source programming language and a lot of options for interfacing.  You’ll control hobby servos (the roboticist’s best friend!), DC motors, stepper motors, and use multiple sensors to read information about the surrounding world.

There will be a companion Digital Electronics kit available for this course and you will use most of the parts from the Analog Electronics kit from Part 1.

Curriculum will include:

What and why digital?

Binary and ASCII


boolean logic and logic gates

registers, memory/RAM (build a memory)

what is a microprocessor and how does it work?

what is a microcontroller?

programming PIC microcontrollers, using LCD displays and controlling motors and real-world devices, and a whole mess’o projects

Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion

What is Arduino?

programming the Arduino

using LCD touch screens

Building our robot car

various projects including sonar (ultrasonics), infrared remote control and detection, programming our bot, and a whole mess’o projects.

1 review for Robotics: Learn by building module 2: Digital Electronics online course only

  1. Martureo

    Ian is an awesome and excellent instructor. I took electronics engineering at NAIT and bought both of Ians module kits for my son to start learning electronics as i forget most of it (im a programmer now), it is perfect for him and a great recap for me as well! Amazing Kit, super easy and powerful to learn with – very impressed and grateful that something this simple and profound is available for beginners to get a fast and accurate instruction without the fluff … this is my number 1 for electronics learning online – thank you Ian, looking forward to module 3, 4 and 5 ;=D !

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